Fittings: an (almost) solo performance (2019-2021)

Postponed due to the pandemic, Fittings at its core is a 50-minute long storytelling session that is what I call a 'mundane' epic', where I, through untangling personal and familial identities, unveil the history and idiosyncratic values of the post-Soviet Uzbek community.

The playful delivery and transforming sets of a 'nomadic storyteller' assist in conveying the universal message of 'what is identity, what is home?'; hyperbolised memories of cities I grew up in help reconstruct a 'puzzle' map of a migrant's mind.

In the show, I challenge the notion of cultural identity as a clearly definable concept. My own battles with constant reprocessing of self-identification and the experiences of my ancestors that lived on the crossways of the Silk Road have proven that the meanings encoded in us are inherently universal. I expose the idiosyncrasies of migrant identity while playing with exaggerated theatrical clichés and borrowing from the process of disidentification, using ambivalence as a performance tool.

Presented here are digital fragments of a show that never happened: recorded voices, digitalised costumes, recreated 3D visualisations, decontextualised soundscapes...

Creative team:

Created by Aziza Kadyri

Assistant director: Fanis Sakellariou

Assistant scenographer: Olga Ntenta

Movement: Violeta M. Valcheva

Research assistant and video production: Mouse Green

3D Visualisations

Digitalising Fittings and costume:

interactive AR filters inspired by the personas in the show

On the set of Fittings:

a 360° Experience

Look around the stage as if you're the narrator. The digital audience is invisible, but do not despair

they see everything, they hear everything, they feel everything.